I know the word “traveling” makes you all hyped up and stuff, especially when you think of the different types of food you’ll encounter, but there are safety tips you have to follow when traveling. Believe it or not, traveling is much like welding––just as you need to stay safe while welding and using different tools, you also need to take care of yourself when you go to a different place.

Here are the tips you need to keep in mind when you travel:

  • Avoid eating at restaurants in far, creepy locations. I know that pizza parlor at the end of the street looks promising, but if you’re alone and you know no karate, I suggest you skip that store unless you’re with a crowd. Sure, you only live once, but you might die at once if you visit that shop.

dark alley

  • Keep your documents and their photocopies safe.
  • Use ATMs only when the sun’s shining. Don’t use ATMs when there are no people around.
  • Hitchhiking isn’t a great idea. DON’T. TRY. IT. Use the most trusted public vehicles only.


  • Don’t share much to strangers. Let’s say you’re eating noodles at a restaurant and you happened to meet a friendly-looking stranger. Make sure you keep your accommodation and travel details to yourself! You’ll never know what kind of person he or she is, so don’t be too friendly, talkative, and comfortable.
  • Don’t flash your cash. If you’re about to pay for your meal or something else, you don’t have to show everyone how much money you have in your wallet. Doing so might tempt someone to rob you.
  • Know the emergency exits in the hotel.
  • Stay away from fights. If you happen to see a riot occurring, don’t watch! You might get in trouble if you stick your nose into others’ affairs. Remember that curiosity killed the cat!
  • Avoid traveling at night. Getting hungry in the middle of the night or during the wee hours isn’t a great excuse to get out of your hotel room. Stay in your room and stay safe! If you usually starve late at night, then buy food during the day and save it for later.